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Lack of linkage between information chains in manufacturing, commercial, trading, educational, medical, and many more items are considered as the most important hinder for their success and survival. However, there was not an independent complex in hand for providing all of these services. This issue has prompted Etraab Holding to complete a chain of six basic services in November 2016 and after following a time consuming process of 11 months and gaining a license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance under license number 02010096 to achieve


هلدینگ اتراب

Which have started since 2010 for the matter of design, study, collect, analyze, produce, test and manage operations, and with more than 110 thousands of hours it is set to consider its costumers as an associate who consider shared advantages, interests and benefits as their headpiece to its business and is about to become the largest ERP under developing countries' cloud computing.


RokhCC is a technology transfer company with the legal participation of a foreign partner that is ranked first in the world in the field of communication center expertise in more than 55 countries regarding the most prestigious companies in the world which has been both tested and produced under Etraab Holding specialists since 2016 as the core service provider in the Middle East, research, study, analysis, design, production. A company like SAP, which has been able to provide enterprise solutions to more than 87% of the world's most successful companies in Forbes 2000 Magazine is using the Engine of Etraab Holding partner, version 10.5 in its CRM software.


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The Third Millennium era and the ongoing massive bewildering news that has captivated the whole world and has made the formulas and the process of publish and clarity is a matter of perplex case which requires an intelligent and systematic management. Etraab Holding through realizing the need to manage the publish of related content has succeeded in setting up a newsletter from the Supreme Press Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran under license number 81202 in March of 2016 after passing of 18 months of heavy licensing process.


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