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Mission statement and Organizational Culture Of Etraab

The existential philosophy of Etraab:

Explosion of information social network,rapid change of technologies, intensified compoetition, increased supply, closed economic boundaries,mismanagement, raw retailing of resources and many more, regarding micro and macro scales, are the existing difficulties of th developing countries.

The solution for bypassing planned issues is a multidimensional set that through conducting change n firms and organizations, to manage strategic operations, behavior, marketing,supply chain,financial-human-technological and technical resources,etc.

The mentioned void has mentioned Etraab to explain explain existential philosophy as "Business Develoment " as follows through relying to its experience, knowledge, insights, awareness, creativity and innovation of national and transnational projects in the mid-second decade of its life in various areas with a focus on IT industry management in relation to other disciplines commerce, industry, engineering, research,etc.,

Etraab is a modern organization with a leading position in Business Development in Iran and other developing countries, with a constructive and effective interactive international relationship.

Management School in Etraab:

Iranian society and developing countries are an itegration of different ethnicities, groups, parties, origins and ideas.

Confabulating od ideas and the development of thought are maintained sometimes in a slower and sometimes in a more rapid speed than what is possible, that has led to a lack of coherence and focus on collective ideas, and often should manage individual attitudes.

Considering the chaos Theory of systematic attitudes and the use of contingent management and responding to "if-then-otherwise" within and outside the organization, Etraab organization has adopted a Dynamic management Strategy.

Management style in Etraab:

Etraab is an organization owned by the public concerned connected to it.

Every person, with his personality and characteristics, and with his ideas,sagacity and wisdom and collective expediency, put the factor of self-critical as the main principle;

Managements can identify, acknowledge, and learn from their mistakes.

Widespread communication is therefore a part of management style.

Corporate management with the ethical principle is an integral part of managing the organization.

In other word, all staff in Etraab organization to teach to and learn from each other, one by one.

four principles of corporate culture:



Specialty and Responsibillity


Etraab is a customer-centric organization and always strives to meet unmet needs in an efficient cutting-edge, modern,attractive and high quality way.

Regarding the design,Etraab organizaton has token both structural and content aspects into consideration and by responding to all of its components, the quality and quantity sacrifice will never be sacrificed in form or appearance. All tools will be mapped and implemented along the way.

At all levels of the organization, encouraged open confrontation (constructive) is considered as a way of dealing with all problem and resolving conflicts.

The unanimous decision is law. Decision are supported after adoption. The position of individuals in the organization does not depend on the quality of their theories, and the meritocracy system determines the status of each individual based on the dynamics of individual thought.

Organizational skills and discipline are of paramount importance and are considered to be an integral part of the organizations cultural system, business conduct and civic responsibility in line with miision of Etraab organization.

Mutual trust in all levels of the organization can be seen and expressing facts without stuttering,fear and fright provides valuable credit to the organization. The only belief that does not exist in the Etraab Organization is believe in impossible.

Etraab Organization, as a part of the whole, considers itself responsible to society, always bound by the strict observance of all the source place.

Participation in the distribution of profits,the right to buy new shares, voting rights, audit of the organization occounts and selection of the board of dirctors are the selection of the board of directors are the basic and accepted rights of Etraab shareholders.

Overall, satisfying the needs of customer,mutual respect, material and spiritual gross and obtain kong-term commitment with global attitude, collective and then individual development, loyalty, commitment to professional behavior, responsibility, efficiency, continuous, improvement, survival and the growth of the organization is a measurable milestones, the benefit of modern technologies, a dynamic and efficient work environment, are the total inevitable attitude and belief of all Etraab staff. |

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