Rokh Press

The Third Millennium era and the ongoing massive bewildering news that has captivated the whole world and has made the formulas and the process of publish and clarity is a matter of perplex case which requires an intelligent and systematic management.

About rokh press

Etraab Holding through realizing the need to manage the publish of related content has succeeded in setting up a newsletter from the Supreme Press Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran under license number 81202 in March of 2016 after passing of 18 months of heavy licensing process.

This Press center provides opportunities of:

Publishing Internal and Foreign News

under wide-ranging accessibility to the Etraab Holding.

In other words, this lever allows Etraab Holding to access information a bit faster than other official sources, and is listed as a supplement to the Rokh Ad leverage in public and specialized reporting and information.

On the other hand, Rokh Press can provide the opportunity to attract specific audiences regarding various virtual networks for Etraab Holding.

This independent media operates in the following areas:






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